Wrap Your Fields, Courts, and Stadiums in School Spirit With Custom Windscreens

There’s not much excitement in a plain chain linked fence. However, there are ways to take a plain chain linked fence and make it boost school spirit, pride, and add some extra flair to your field or stadium. Custom windscreens can elevate the entire experience of your spectators, athletes, and coaches. Plus, there are some practical benefits as well that could help you bring home a few more trophies.

Custom windscreen

Custom windscreen from GameDay Vision.

Custom windscreens

With a little imagination, you can turn just about any surface into a branding vehicle, even a fence. Whether it’s wood, metal, or chain link, the fence around your sports field and stadium is just calling out for a little visual decoration. Although the main action is going to be the players, dressing up the fence is like putting the perfect frame around your athletes and fans. Custom designing windscreens for fencing around every sports venue is like giving your spectators and athletes a big school-pride hug.

Where to use custom windscreens?

If there’s a fence, you can dress it up with a custom windscreen from Gameday Vision. It’s a great way to brand and to make your sporting event feel more professional. We can custom design windscreens for:

Custom windscreens for stadium

Custom windscreen by GameDay Vision.

  • Baseball outfield fences
  • Soccer field fences
  • Tennis court fences
  • Football stadium fences

Custom designing a windscreen to be consistent with your school branding is just one aspect. The other aspects of windscreens are enhancing the player and spectator experience. Windscreens can block out distractions and noise, helping players concentrate, but a windscreen will also block out the wind, making it easier for players to predict the movement of the ball and improve chances of winning.

California Canopy is selling custom branded products from Gameday Vision to provide high-quality custom windscreens. Add color and excitement to your next game.


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