Creating A New Routine During Quarantine



Creating A New Routine During Quarantine

4 Steps To Get Motivated and Back On Track

1. Get Clarity

You may have a million things to do between work projects, homeschooling your kids and finding sanity somewhere among all the chaos.

Make a quick list of what you plan to accomplish for the week. The clearer you are on what you want to get done the easier it is to prioritize and take action.

2. Create An Action Plan

Now make a list of action steps you will take to achieve each item on your to do list. Are there obstacles you must overcome? If so, how will you work through them? Do you have matters more pressing then others? What actions will you take to complete those projects first?  The point is to get clear on how you are going to get things done regardless of the challenges that may be in the way of your achieving them.

3. Accept What Is

There are many things out of our control right now, but rather then arguing about, getting frustrated with or doing nothing as a form of rebellion against them, just accept it. The only thing you can control is the perspective you hold and whatever that is, will ultimately affect your mood and attitude. When all else fails try focusing on being grateful you are in good health because as we all know, there are many that are not.

4. Take Action

Set yourself up to succeed by putting your action plan to work. We can plan and plan, but if we don’t actually do anything, nothing gets resolved. Do you best to accomplish as many things as possible on your weekly to do list. If you don’t complete it all, don’t sweat it. Refocus the next week and tackle everything you can.

Sometimes our efforts to find motivation and take action feels more like a marathon then a sprint, but every step counts. Keep moving forward.


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