Leaders Impacting Their Communities



Leaders Impacting Their Communities


It’s times like these, the coronavirus pandemic, when leaders can make the biggest impact on those they influence.

No matter what industry or position being held, leaders have a responsibility to their community, the people counting on their direction and support in difficult times.

With life having been turned upside down in a very short period of time, there are so many mixed responses around the world. Those in your community are likely feeling the same way.


Some think nothing will ever happen to them.

Some think they are bound to contract the virus.

Others have no idea what’s really going on except that they can’t go to the store and get what they need.

Some follow the news and stay updated hour by hour.


Striving to make the most of a difficult situation can present challenges.

Here are 3 reminders of what every leader can do whether they are a principal at a school, a CEO of a company or a manager at a local business.

1. Communication that maintains trust

Helping members of a community understand what’s happening and why builds trust and can help those struggling most to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Even when a solution isn’t clear, simply knowing that when answers are available, they can trust in their leader to keep them informed goes a long way.

2. Support through the strength of your community

There are many ways to support a community, but probably the most valuable and most impactful is to remind them how strong their community really is.

Using social media to challenge a community to share their favorite stories, pictures or videos is not only fun but, in some ways, essential when times are tough. Posting memories of colleagues celebrating a great month, students winning a big game or employees helping a teammate in need, can transform a somber feeling into a gracious and appreciate perspective in a matter of moments.

When times get tough, leaders can encourage members to appreciate the great friends and community they are blessed to be a part of.

3. Find compassion when they don’t understand

Leaders are faced with obstacles they must find solutions to overcome and some of the biggest challenges can be the very people they lead. When energy is low, resources are limited and now they’re dealing with another complaint that’s about to take them over the edge, its important they stop and take a step back.

Composure and removing themselves from the situation long enough to gain an open perspective is essential. Just as the leader would like the individual complaining to see the situation from their perspective, they want their leader to see it from theirs. This is when leaders can truly influence others by seeing a situation from all angles, finding a way to relate, communicate and support their community in the good and bad. They try their best to come from a place of compassion even when the going gets tough and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.


California Canopy wishes each and every leader all the best in your efforts to help your communities stay strong and united during this challenging time.


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