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Limited Budget & Need Custom Products


We recently had a logo created and have defined our colors and look, but we don’t know where to start with ordering custom products. We have a $1,500 budget to brand ourselves. It’s not a lot and we want to make as much of an impact with the money we have allocated. How can we maximize our budget and look professional at the same time?


I love this question and I think so many can relate.

One of the key points to effective branding is color consistency. You can do a lot with color to look good but spend less. Explanation of this is provided below in the example.

Make a list of the top 10 items you believe are going to be most essential for you to promote who you are to the most people at any given time.

Find out an average cost per item and then decide what you can get within your budget.

Keep in mind, if you can purchase one item for a little more money, but must eliminate another item, weigh the value of the items. What impact can you make with the one item you have to invest a little more in? Is it worth removing the other item for now?

Any items you eliminate because the customization cost doesn’t work with your budget, you can still get those items, just find them in the matching colors of your brand.


You want a canopy, tablecloth and banner flags all customized. Your budget only covers the cost of the canopy and banner flags, but you need a tablecloth. You know the canopy and flags will help you spread your brand farther then the tablecloth. Rather than get a custom tablecloth, purchase one in the colors of your brand. You keep with brand color consistency but save on the customization cost.

This helps maintain a professional and clean look while maximizing your budget to spread your brand over more mediums in the most cost effective but robust way possible.


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