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Brand Inconsistency


What do I do if all I have several logo variations, including our school mural that we can’t just change? How can I create brand/logo and color consistency when I only have a budget to fix a few things?


Great question! First, I recommend you start with getting a branding guide. A branding guide in its simplest form will consist of a logo, colors and font type. Whether you go simple or elaborate start there. Getting one design that is approved by your team and can be used across the board for any future custom product or design orders is the ideal starting point.

Make sure all future orders are using the approved branding guide and have a go to person that confirms and approves all final artwork.

Begin making changes where you can. Get a few necessities with your new logo and each season or year that you have funding, start using the new approved design.

Sometimes it’s not ideal to be able to have a new logo created and then have everything that is still usable reprinted/repurchased. If you have the budget to do that, all the better, but if not, don’t sweat it. Do the best you can with what you have.

Just start moving in the right direction of consistent, clear and quality branding.


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