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Watch us share our mission with the Affordable Canopy Act & How you can join the fun!


With a simple step by step process, everyone wins!


There is no out of pocket cost to anyone.

California Canopy will give a portion of every canopy sell to the Affordable Canopy Act.

Every month California Canopy will present one custom canopy to an underserved school, club, team or athletic organization.


Registered partners help California Canopy locate underserved schools, youth groups or teams within their own organization. Partners identify one or more team(s), leagues, clubs or schools within their organization that they believe best qualifies and would most benefit as the recipient of a custom canopy through the Affordable Canopy Act.


Every month California Canopy will present one custom canopy to a registered partners constitutes. The recipient will be one of the previously identified underserved teams, leagues, clubs or schools. The recipients will help design their custom canopy and have it shipped directly to them.


We believe everyone deserves to have a custom canopy in their team environment to assist in building unity, confidence, brand awareness and protection from the sun and rain. Everyone deserves to feel and know they belong, no matter where they come from or their financial circumstances. We are here to make a positive impact in the lives of those who may not have all the luxuries of their competition, but act with the heart of champions.


With a simple step by step process, everyone wins!



Enter your organization to become a partner of the Affordable Canopy Act. Provide your school, club, league or team the opportunity to receive a personalized custom canopy. It’s time to stand out from the crowd!



Upon registration, enter one or more team(s), leagues, clubs or school within your organization that you believe best qualifies as a recipient of a custom canopy through the Affordable Canopy Act. The provided information can be updated at any time should changes occur or additions need to be made.



Partners are encouraged to spread the message through social media, email and even a custom online banner California Canopy will design for your website. California Canopy wants to make an impact and the more underserved youth sports programs that can be presented with a custom canopy, the more confidence and unity is shared both on and off the field.



Partners not only have the opportunity to register as recipients of the Affordable Canopy Act, they have the opportunity to raise money for their own organization. The more canopies purchased through California Canopy, the more underserved youth sports programs benefit. Find out how your organization can raise money through referrals. Learn More


Making A Difference One Canopy At A Time

We had our first swim meet with our new canopy and the swimmers loved it! They look great and I could tell that it helped instill a greater sense of being on the team. Thank you again for supporting our incredible swimmers and our team. It means very much to our swimmers and myself.

-John Schonder, Richmond Sailfish

The kids feel like they are first class with California Canopy’s Custom Canopy.

-Damon Baldwin, Ramon High School

We have been using plain canopies for so long, now when we go places, people are going to know who we are.

-Eric Scheingoltz, Miami Country Day Aquatics


  • California Canopy is proud to invite you to participate in our exciting new program called the Affordable Canopy Act, also known as the ACA. The ACA was designed to provide under privileged schools, clubs, leagues and teams with the opportunity to have access to custom branding. Here at California Canopy we believe youth and athletic programs with limitations on funding and team branding deserve to have access to custom canopies and we are making that happen with the Affordable Canopy Act, but we need your help.


  • Here’s how the ACA works California Canopy will present at least (1) 10’x10 custom canopy every month to an underprivileged school, club, league or team.


  • Here’s how you can help Become a partner of the Affordable Canopy Act and help us identify underprivileged programs or teams within your organization who would qualify as a recipient of a custom canopy. The criteria for identifying recipients are as follows.


  • Qualifying Criteria Any school, club, league or team that has a significant disadvantage to the competition regarding equipment or team branding due to financial limitations and funding are eligible. We believe in helping unit and build confidence in student and athletes through custom branding and as the motto says look good, feel good, play good! California Canopy is excited to partner with your organization and help your constituents be the best they can be everywhere they go. Register now to become a partner and let’s make a significant impact on student and athletes together.

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